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GS Textil Ltd was founded in 2010 at the city of Strumica, Republic of Macedonia by two 30 year-experienced entrepreneurs. From the very beginning, the company acquires a relatively integrated production where different types of yarn are used as a raw material to create high-end sheets of knitted fabric with rubber in their perimeter (fitted sheets).

Since its establishment and due to fact that it is strategically located at the city of Strumica, GS Textil Ltd maintains a very export oriented identity with more than 95% of annual production to be exported mainly to European countries.

In order to maintain its competitive position in the textile industry, the company follows a continuous expansion program, invests in modern equipment and new methods of organizing production. Specifically, lots of investments have been made for the purchase of brand-new equipment and automation systems, as well as for the expansion and modernization of the buildings aiming the further production efficiency and the upgraded quality of its products.

Nowadays, the total production capacity of GS Textil Ltd amounts to approximately 200,000 pieces per month. The company employs 120 permanent staff in facilities of 12,000 m2 located in a total private area of ​​80,000 m2.

The continuous dedication to high standards and quality for more than three decades has created a solid, trust-worthy company that can adapt quickly and respond successfully to the continuously changing requirements and challenges of the world market.


To provide superior products and outstanding customer service for long-lasting partnerships.


To be the business partner of world’s leading brands on home textile.




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